Gran Turismo 2023, the True Story of a Gamer Who Becomes a Real Racer

  • Ely Dagher
  • Sep 01, 2023
Gran Turismo 2023

Gran Turismo 2023 Synopsis

One hundred and thirty-four minutes of duration is unlikely to be enough to accompany you Gran Turismo 2023 fans who have been waiting for the film for a long time. But let’s see how this action film by director Neill Blomkamp will shake your seat when it enters Indonesian cinemas this August 2023.

This film tells the true story of a teenage boy, Jann Mardenborough. The essence of the story is quite simple. Jann Mardenborough is just an ordinary teenage retail employeehailing from Cardiff, Wales, who loves playing Gran Turismo games.

He not only likes to play this game but this game is like half of his life. There is no day without playing this car racing game. The excitement of racing cars through games turns out to be in line with Jann’s dream of becoming a professional car racer. He continuous to hone his gaming skills from day to day without stopping.

One Chance in a Life Time

One day, at one-point Jann gets the news about a racing videogame competition with the lure of a very big prize. The winner will get t raining to become a real professional car racer on the modern and famous circuit. Jann feels like his dream home is getting closer, so he participates in this prestigious competition.

So, what’s going on then? Jann gets the ticket just like one chance in a life time. He wins the prize and enrolls in training to become a professional car racer immediately where he will meet professional coach, Jack Salter. However, Jann’s father, a former footballer disapprove Jann’s plans to become a professional racer.

This film for audiences over the age of 13 presents action, drama, adventure in an extraordinarily magnificent circuit with super shopisticated equipment. This is the true embodiment of Gran Turismo games in a flawless live action drama.

Those Who Involve in Gran Turismo 2023

This film is a place to create extraordinary works of authentic filmmakers. Both the director, the scriptwriter, and the actors are familiar names in world cinema. The main actor of this American biographical, sports, and drama film is Archie Uchena Madekwe.

People have started recognizing this British actor since taking part in the A24 horror film Midsommar, which aired in 2019 and the Apple TV series “See”, which aired from 2019 to 2022. even so, Madekwe has known acting since he was 14 years old.

The newest action and adventure film of Colombia Pictures and in collaboration with Playstation production 2.0 Entertainment is also full of stars that we know well.

They are David Harbour, Orlando Bloom, Darren Barnett, Geri Halliwel Horner, Djimon Hounsou, Takehiro Hira, Josha Stradowski, Daniel Puig, Sang Hoon Lee, and many more. There are about 65 actors who take the best roles in this 60 million dollar film.

Actor and producer, David Harbour, will play Jack Salter, Jann’s trainer who is skilled enough to train students at GT Academy. All the kids he managed to recruit earlier were the skilled players of the racing simulator Gran Turismo. Under hard training, magnificent, sophisticated equipments, and full of action drama all students transform into real racers.

Orlando Blooms also plays an important role as a marketing excecutive at Nissan, Danny Moore. He gives ideas to Nissan’s motorsport division to establish GT Academy as soon as possible after the Gran Turimo game competition.

The director of Gran Turismo, Neill Blomkamp takes a challenging job during the shooting process together with all crew. He built a bonding with a scenario writer Jason Hall and Zach Baylin. Jason Hall and Alex Tse are the ones behind this Gran Turismo story idea.

Conflict After Conflict

GT Academy is where the winners of the competition are dealing with any kinds of tests. There are so many conflicts here. They are ten competitors who will face the process of elimination to just five. Jann, who also took test, apparently hit Salter when he was in the car.

Jann insisted if something happens to his brakes. After going through a series of observations, it turned out that Jann’s claim was true. Salter was surprised.

Even so, Jann made it into the top 5 participants who will take part in the final race to determine who will be the company representative. Conflict ensued when Jann narrowly won against Matty Davis.

At that time, Moore emphasized that Davis still had to become Nissan’s representative because he had eligibility in terms of material. Salter strongly disagreed because he thought Jann was much better. Salter urged Moore further. Davis was better in commercial, however Jann was the choice at Salter’s insistence.

Well, when will you watch Gran Turismo 2023 this August? Indonesia became the country that preceded America for the screening of this film. (RH)

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