The Nun 2, When Any Kinds of the Tension with Valak Trumps All

  • Ely Dagher
  • Sep 01, 2023
The Nun 2

The Nun 2 Synopsis

Valak permeating people in the church is what we know from The Nun. The terror like this will be a part of The Nun 2. But Michael Chaves as director with Ian Goldberg, Richard Naing, and Akela Cooper as writers created tension and terror that you have never experienced before.

The setting where The Nun 2 is also in France in 1956. This is no longer a tragic event that happened in a remote monastery in Romania in the 50s like in The Nun which aired in 2018 then. Even though Valak the demon Nun remains in her portion by terrorizing the church and possessing the body of Sister Irene’s friend.

Meanwhile, the cast in The Nun 2 consists of the regular cast as in The Nun and additional cast members who add an element of curiosity to the storyline. Taissa Farmiga returns as Sister Irene and Bonnie Aarons returns as The Demon Valak.

Then there is Jonas Bloquet as Maurice who is the key figure where the center of the story of Valak’s terror is within him. Young actress from Ireland, Katelyn Rose Downey in The Nun 2 plays Sophie. She is one of the central characters who also experiences a tragic encounter with Valak. Next, we have Anna Popp Lewell The Narnia icon who will act as Kate. She is a teacher at St. Mary’s school.

Supernatural Horror Film

This sequel to the supernatural horror film The Nun 2018 chooses a story set in time after Sister Irene experienced various terror incidents in a remote Romanian church. At the end of The Nun 2018 story, there was a scene depicting a Valak hiding in the body of Sister Irene’s friend, Maurice.

The Nun 2’s background is a continuation of The Nun 2018 with a different setting. The somber corners of the room and the eerie atmosphere because of the sudden appearance of Valak still affect scene after scene in The Nun 2. you can imagine the somber life in the 50s in France with Valak terrorizing where Sister Irene teaches.

There is a character who is central to the story of The Nun 2. Maurice has just returned from his parents’ farm. He is an acquaintance of Sister Irene who at first seemed to be controlling his body.

The story continues to France where a man appears to be standing in the middle of a garden at St. Mary’s. Without anything that seemed to bother him then the man suddenly fell down. Sophie who was nearby witnessed the incident. Sophie then went to Sister Irene and told her what happened in the middle of the garden. Sophie also revealed that she had met Nun.

At that time Sophie quietly came out her room. The situation is very tense when Valak is comes toward in front of her. Suddenly Sophie couldn’t breath. She was shocked. But Valak immediately held her head. The atmosphere was so tense when the demon nun increasingly influenced Sophie to make Sophie’s friends incredibly scared.

Sister Irene really has to face the terror of Valak where she teaches. The ability of Sister Irene who can see ghosts and is religious still cannot beat back Valak. She still needs the highest power to get rid of the demon Nun once and for all. Maurice also helps Sister Irene with all his might and efforts.

Jumpscare Row

The Nun 2 seems to be coming back with scenes after scenes that make you shudder. The ninth series in The Conjuring franchise will obviously be a film that provides a much more extreme jumpscare than the Nun 1.

Peter Safran and James Wan as producers again of this film are certainly advanced at playing elements of gothic horror together with the director Michael Chaves. We know that these producers have produced a number of well known horror films such as The Conjuring and Insidious.

The Warner Bros production house has also recently released the first trailer for The Nun 2 where viewers who have been waiting for 5 years can get a peek at the jump scares they can experience when watching it starting September 8 this year. Besides that there was another surprise from Maurice that he was using the name Frenchie all this time.

Frenchie is French-Canadian guy that has an inverted cross on the back of his neck. That is why Valak can freely roam and do the terrors to the people around her. The Nun 2 visualization seems to be of a much higher quality than The Nun 1.

There will be gloomy corners of the room and the musical accompaniment of a typical horror movie, a mysterious and dramatic atmosphere, will definitely make goosebumps.

Valak or The Nun reportedly will appear with a horror that is more gripping than before. Predictions rolling one after another among a number of observers and critics of horror films that The Nun 2 will gain greater success than the previous film.

Official Trailer

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