Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One and the Team of Geniuses Returns to Fight Against Artificial Intelligence Control

  • Ely Dagher
  • Sep 03, 2023
Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One

Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One Synopsis

Cruise was born in 1962. However, he still does non-CGI and non-stuntman for dangerous scenes in this sequel to Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Five years is enough time to cultivate fans’ longing for extreme action, thrilling storylines, and behind the scenes Cruise stories while shooting this challenging danger. Cruise on a motorbike alone without stunts from the top of a cliff. He relied heavily on himself and loved doing it.

Then Cruise descended into a rocky gorge. Everyone knows it’s difficult terrain even for cross bikers. Soon he pulled the parachute cord and freed himself. The first shooting for this film actually took place in 2020.

Cruise could have assigned other people who looked like him to do various dangerous scenes. Moreover, at that time the Covid number was also a number that was always frightening, increasing day by day.

But Cruise continues to do scene after scene with full responsibility. There was no trace of fear on his face. He was very happy to be shooting even when people were working from home because of the high spread of the Covid virus.

Do you think the audiences out there still see this stunning Cruise action? Of course! The audience still remembers the actions of Ethan and Grace who tried to escape from the train that was heading towards the abyss.

Entity and the Keys

Apart from dangerous actions like Ethan’s trademark in every Mission: Impossible league, this time the author presents a modern character like a double-edged knife in the form of artificial intelligence (AI). It is an Entity that has the ability to destroy everything. No wonder there are many bad guys who want to own and control entities. They think they’ll be able to control the world if they can.

Ethan and his team members with extraordinary abilities work hard to prevent bad people from controlling the Entity with the various conflicts and intrigues they face. Then, in this Dead Reckoning, former IMF director Eugene Kittrudge appears again. Kittrudge has a new mission to complete.

He gave information to Ethan about the existence of AI that would plunge the world. The superpower will take control of the Entity that turns out to have 2 keys. The appearance of these 2 key parts of the Entity is the result of manipulation.

One key is even circulating on the black market. Ethan and his brilliant team have to find the keys and figure out how to use them.

The Scenes the Audience Has Been Waiting For

All loyal Mission: Impossible viewers are always looking forward to the key scenes of this film which are tense and always make the heart beat fast. Maybe the action and brutal chases of Cruise and other cast members are still the same as the previous Mission: Impossible series. However, the setting of the place and the atmosphere are definitely different in each edition of the film.

You will feel mesmerized by the shooting scenes that took place in the desert. The process of shooting the scenes is quite tiring but the final result is satisfying where the scenes are what will lead Ilsa Faust to another big scene. Filming at Dubai Airport is also a challenge in itself where the hot air temperature there is always above average.

At the airport, Ethen meets Gabriel who is an agent of chaos. He is a corrupt mercenary who made Hunt an agent. Gabriel appears as an enemy of Hunt and the team because he has to find the keys to the Entity, considering that Gabriel works for the AI. Then, in the same place, Hunt also met several agents who were hunting him. They are Jasper Briggs who is a USA intelligence agent and his partner, Degas.

Do not miss the scene when Ethan met a beautiful pickpocket at the airport. She is an ally of Hunt and director, McQuarrie has an opinion about Grace that she is a destructive force of nature.

Some of the action scenes also involve Paris, a working French assassin for Gabriel. Meanwhile, Alana Mitsopolis, returns as an arms dealer and black-market broker with the nickname “White Widow”.

What you see in Dead Reckoning Part One focuses more on movement from one place to another, Ethan running then walking and running again with dynamic foot movements, cars, and trains. The urgency of a speeding train somehow is something that can replace CGI effects due to its strong signature.

McQuarrie also spoils his audience with animation that he uses wisely so that this action film has an old-fashioned touch that is both expensive and classy modern. The audience will admire both things at the same time.

Well, this Dead Reckoning Part One review cannot really describe all the scenes that the cast worked hard to build. Anyway, we should give a lot of applause to Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Esai Morales, Vanessa Kirby, Rebecca Ferguson, Mariela Garriga, Hayley Atwell, Henry Czerny, and Pom Klementieff for their beautiful solid works in bringing this mega-grossing film to life.

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